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How to make an order for hiring picnic items?

You can send us a WhatsApp, message or email with the date and required items list and we will check the availability and proceed from there.

Do you provide delivery or setup services?

Unfortunately, we don't provide delivery or setup services for picnic hire items. We do provide delivery on all items for sale (i.e., event signage and florals).

Do the hired tableware items need to be washed and dried before returning?

Yes, all plates, glasses and cutlery need to be dish washed before returning. There can be extra charges if any of the items aren't cleaned and dried properly.

Is it necessary to pay refundable security deposit to hire the items?

Yes, none of the item can be hired without refundable security deposit. Although it doesn't cover the whole cost of the item, but we take a small amount as a security deposit. Please note that if any of the item is lost, broken, damaged or dirty then extra charges may incur. 

Can we do the setup in wet weather?

No, none of our hire items are suitable to leave in wet weather. They can be damaged if left in water or in an open area at night.

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